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Operation: Save humppaaa!

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Operation: Save humppaaa! Empty Operation: Save humppaaa!

Post by Ghost Rider Mon Feb 03, 2014 4:58 pm

Hello my dear Nordic friends. I approach you today with some very sad news. I was notified that one of my best friends on the internet has been permanently banned from the Nordic server. When I heard this, I was almost heartbroken. All of those amazing memories I experienced with him flashed right before my eyes. I saw Nordic City where we were camping together with insane gear and owning everything we saw. I remember those helicopters that we brought down and destroyed almost half of the whole city by doing this. I remember when we were shitting our pants when we saw those armored SUV's filled with ghillies driving towards us and firing like crazy. But... all of this is gone now. Forever. This was literally the only server we played and now, because of his actions in combat logging, he is banned. After all that we've been through here, I feel like crying. I understand that it would be totally unfair towards others who suffer the same destiny. I understand he did wrong and was banned for a good reason. We've both made some friends here and I feel like this is our home in DayZ. Where I...... where we belong, me and humppaaa. I'm not asking to simply unban him. I am asking to give him a second chance. Second chance for us. Thank you for reading.
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